Emotional Resonance

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Developing resilience is critical for all individuals as work tasks, projects and problems become increasingly complex due to the constant and inevitable changes in our work and global environment.  This complexity requires individuals to develop their ability to adapt and bounce back when things do not go as planned. 

Resilience is important as it enables individuals to develop mechanisms to protect themselves in potentially overwhelming and stressful situations. It also helps us to maintain a balance in our work life and during challenging and stressful times.  

A resilient workforce is able to find new levels of engagement and empowerment. Resilient teams thrive on and respond confidently to personal and professional challenges while maintaining optimum performance and delivering enhanced productivity.


  • Develop an awareness of their stressors and emotional responses at work
  • Enhance their ability to self-regulate stress and emotions;
  • Learn and apply verbal and non-verbal communication techniques in stressful and emotional situations
  • Learn and apply emotional intelligence skills to better recognise and manage stress
  • Enhance their skills to develop a resilient and emotionally healthy culture in the workplace

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