Scenario Thinking – What If

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Course Overview

Imagine that you are facing an important decision. One that could fundamentally affect your personal life, or determine the future of your business.

You have crunched the numbers and looked at the data, and everything seems fine. However, deep down, you dread what might go wrong.

No one has a foolproof vision of the future, and even if your instincts are good, a range of different factors could disrupt the outcomes that you predict. On the other hand, things may turn out far better than you expected!

In this course, we explore how Scenario thinking can bring these hopes and fears into the open, give you a rational framework for exploring them, and enable you to make the best possible choices.

Course Objective

At the end of this course, you will learn how

  • To build scenarios that balance evidence and creative insight, in a process of disciplined imagination
  • To develop strategic options and evaluate the robustness of options in relation to potential futures
  • To understand how to develop and retain the potential for reflexive strategizing in organizations

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