Mrs. Nonye Cally-Bechi

Mrs. Nonye Cally-Bechi

Nonye Cally-Bechi has been involved in training, coaching and consulting for more than 12 years with the intention of dramatically increasing profit, productivity, and the performance of people. She has facilitated trainings for executives at all levels and has been responsible for designing and implementing various trainings solutions.

Her areas of expertise are: Business Image Consulting, Business Communication Skills, Human Resource Management, Etiquette and Protocol. Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Impression Management, Executive Development & Presence, Presentation Skill, Distinctive Diction and Service Excellence. Others include, Training Needs Analysis, Training Management, Learning strategies, coaching and Mentor. Her participants often find her delivery unique and refreshing as she is a personable and compelling facilitator.

She has trained more than 23,000 youth to become employable in the job market. Has also trained people from lower to senior management positions in local and multi-national companies, public & private sectors. She designs, trains and develop programmes from lower to top management in soft skills. Her quest for continuous Human & Talent Development promises highly energizing and power-packed training style.

She holds a Bachelor and Master’s degrees from University of Ilorin and University of Ibadan respectively. She teaches, consults, and grooms individuals who wants to excel in their careers and achieve their dreams.

Involved in the Pilot of the Poise Graduate Employability Programme (PGFS) now Poise Graduate Finishing Academy (PGFA), and created the Poise Speakers Network.  She is involved in Teenage Mentoring & Coaching for the past ten years through the Poise annual summer coaching Programme (TMAD). She serves as a volunteer in the EkoBits Digital Design School.

She has worked in several positions in her career journey such as: Diction Instructor to various schools in Lagos state. Deputy Manger Poise School of Communication, HOD/CEO Poise School of Communication. Head of Human Resources & Programmes, Poise Nigeria, Group Head, Programmes & Research, Team Lead, Relationship Marketing & Business Development. She is currently the acting Deputy Managing Director of Poise Nigeria Ltd.

Nonye is happily married with children and resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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