Advanced Supervisory Development Skills

Supervisors are usually in contact with multiple elements of a business – the workforce, customer base, and upper management. Therefore, they need to be able to manage supervisory, social, and accountability skills. Supervisors and managers are responsible for making sure that tasks are performed correctly and at the right time, bearing in mind the overall goals of their respective company.

However, over time, the techniques used to manage people and their levels of effectiveness have changed. Therefore, companies must continue to provide their supervisors with more up to date training in this aspect. What are the core skills that will be targeted in this “Advanced Supervisory Management Skills Training Course”? Primarily, the topics that will be covered will include leadership skills, supervisory skills, performance management, communication skills, delegation, time management, and empowerment.

This training course will provide supervisors with knowledge in a range of essential skills that will help them to improve the overall effectiveness of their role.


Programme Outline:

  • Organizing and Delivering Thoughts and Messages
  • Earning Credibility as A Leader
  • Winning Hearts and Minds of People
  • Building Consensus, Commitment and Cooperation
  • Managing Your Performance
  • Endorsing Continuous Improvement
  • Managing Team Performance

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this Advanced Supervisory Management Skills Training Course, participants will be able to:

  • Demarcate between supervisory and the operational roles
  • Understand and practice basic supervisory skills
  • Explain how to set and monitor objectives for themselves and their teams
  • Recognise what motivates them and describe ways to motivate others effectively
  • Use different communication techniques with their teams
  • Motivate and support their teams to achieve their targets
  • Demonstrate effective questioning skills
  • Demarcate between supervisory and the operational roles

Learning Outcomes

Individuals who participate in this Advanced Supervisory Management Skills Training course can gain from it in the following ways:

  • Understand your own and others’ preferred team roles
  • Learn how to motivate your teams
  • Enhance existing skills and gain new ones
  • Build relationships with other supervisors and learn from their practical experiences
  • Gain new insights into your team’s preferences to increase motivation and productivity

Target Audience: Foundation, Intermediate

Contact Hours: 28 Contact Hours

Advanced Supervisory Development Skills




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