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When I finished the Career Kickstart program I knew that I wasn't satisfied, that I wanted more, and I won't have peace of mind till I get it. So I enrolled for the Employability Skills Training and I can boldly say that it was the best decision I made. As an HR Enthusiast, all the courses they offered were in my interest such as Ethics, CV Writing & Interview Skills, Project Management, Introduction to HRM, Emotional Intelligence, Design Thinking, amongst others.

Nyakno Udo Emmanuel

For obvious reasons, especially giving the nature of our educational system in Nigeria with over 90% of it tailored around the traditional classroom setting, a lot of persons had cause to doubt the efficacy of an online programme, myself inclusive. Well, Poise cleared up possible doubts. Learning was simplified, goals were clear, classes were interactive even from a thousand miles away and tasks were pretty interesting.

Victor Omoluwabi

I didn't think a virtual programme was going to be interesting until I signed up for Poise's online programme during this pandemic while we were all at home. I must say, I enjoyed every session and admire the knowledge of the tutors. They had a great understanding of each aspect of what 'The Indispensable Executive Assistant' programme is about and didn't fail to pass it into us.

Nonso Ogini

The training is an eye-opener to young graduates ready for the labour market. The teachings are very insightful, profound, thought-provoking and it is balanced for success-driven career personnel including employees, employers, and entrepreneurs. The facilitators are very skillful and detailed in their teachings. Their explanation of every topic penetrates right into one's cerebrum (brain).

Vine Osato

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