We are a people-oriented organization that takes joy in changing and impacting lives, that’s why our Educational arms like EKOBITS, Tech4Women have one thing in common and that’s to grow and impact the individual and society at large.


Ekobits Tech4All

Ekobits Tech4all transforms the lives of young people from underprivileged backgrounds by offering a range of training in ICT, graphic design, and digital media.

EkoBits Academy was set up by Work In Progress Alliance and Poise Nigeria in 2016. The concept is to train ambitious young people in a wide range of disciplines from programming to visual design, brand development, photography and video making.


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EdoBits ICT Academy was set up in 2018 to address challenges and difficulties faced by youths in Edo State and the country at large, such as unemployment and wrong use of ICT in the state.

In trying to cub these challenges, EdoBits ICT Academy is leveraging on technology skills, with emphasis on motion graphics, graphic designs, web design and development.


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Ekobits Tech4Women

Ekobits Tech4Women is aimed at giving young women an access to education and a career in ICT, enabling them to provide a sustainable future for themselves while pursuing a meaningful career.

The initiative is aimed at targeting young girls, women with disabilities, school dropout, within the age bracket 17 – 23 years from underprivileged communities, youths who are victims of gender based violence, domestic violence etc, aimed at connecting skilled girls to meet the needs of the labour market.




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Tech Jobs

TechJobs is an advanced software development training to get young African software developers to bridge the employability gap. This is a 6-month programme powered by Tunga.

The training targets junior software developers aspiring to work for international tech companies. The program focuses on five stacks:

React.JS Vue.JS Node.JS Python (Flask & Django)


Career KickStart

Career Kickstart is a ‘Global Youth Skills for Employment’ (GYSE) Programme that prepares youths with market-relevant soft skills to help them succeed in their place of employment.

The Career Kickstart programme is embedded with the responsibility of bridging the gap between the knowledge gained from the formal educational sector and the knowledge, skills and abilities required to function effectively in today’s global work environment.

Its focus is to build up essential soft skills such as communication, high powered thinking (problem solving, critical thinking, reasoning) resilience and grit etc. within the beneficiaries.

Next Economy

The Next Economy empowers youth to unleash their talents, build their confidence and hone the skills they need for a successful career in a job or as an entrepreneur. Poise Graduate Finishing Academy partner’s with the Next Economy project in Nigeria.

What is this program about?

  • When you join you will go through a 3-month introduction, with interactive training sessions. During the introduction training you will learn:
  • To visualize your own opportunities to help you find out what kind of work you would like to do.
  • To understand the world of work.
  • To strengthen your personal skills, such as teamwork, communication, creative thinking, planning and organizing and management skills

Enterprise Development Programme

Enterprise Development Training is an interdisciplinary course designed to teach participants how to think and act entrepreneurial. If you would rather start your own business, after discovering that you are an aspiring business owner, with a good idea or a big ambition, this is where you come to get the advice, support and investment you need to develop ideas and turn these ideas into a business.

You will learn from these 4 pillars:

  • Start your Business
  • Grow your Business
  • Finance your Business
  • Business Setup & Legals

Data Science Programme

The training on Data Science is aimed at introducing participants to concepts, in Data Science like machine learning, programming with python. Participants were also exposed to various issues and concerns surrounding Machine Learning and how-to apply this in the real world. Participants will be able to build models for classifications and regression problems using different Machine Learning models.

The participants will be exposed to python programming, a language widely used for Machine Learning, SQL for databases, Power BI for Visualisation and Data Analytics, Data Science tools and techniques for data wrangling, preprocessing and exploratory data analysis and Machine Learning algorithms for building ML models.


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