Leadership, Management and Innovation

Every day, managers are faced with different complexities, thinking about how to cope with change, building high-performing teams and thinking of ways to use innovation to drive an organization to the path of success.

Develop the leadership, innovation and management skills to get things done and bring out the best in your team, department and organization, whether you are a seasoned manager or an aspiring manager.

This training will help you perform better at work and helping others to be the best version of themselves and to deliver on key tasks.

Whether you have been managing for many years or newly promoted, we are confident that this course will provide you with fresh insights and skills in approaching management in a dynamic way.

Over the years, PGFA have invested in building capacity of young people (youth) in Nigeria through employability soft skills trainings, helping them acquire their dream jobs.

While the PSENSE employability skills training remain relevant, there is a need to further build capacity in helping executives acquire and improve their skills in leadership, management and managing innovations in a digital world.

    Leadership Modules
    • Theories of leadership
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Emotional Intelligence (2)
    • How to motivate and inspire others
    • How leaders manage change
    Management Modules
    • Theories of management
    • Management by Objective (MBO)
    • Management competences
    • Personality traits and models
    • Managing conflicts
    Innovation Modules
    • Business analysis and positioning
    • Fostering a creative organization
    • The customer’s role in innovation
    • How to capture value
    • Disruption; An innovation strategy
    • Operationalizing business models
    • The innovative process

    Learning Objectives:

    • The training is designed to teach you how to take charge of a new leadership role.
    • To teach you effective tools to help you lead your team effectively.
    • To help you understand individual behaviours in an organisation in order to motivate your subordinates in increasing diverse context to achieve the overall organisational goal.
    • To help you develop the following skills that are quintessential to high performing managers,
      • Problem solving skills
      • Team work
      • Collaboration
      • Conflict Management
      • The innovative mindset

    Learning Outcome:

    Upon completion of this training, you would become an indispensable role model and a successful leader of change in the world of work.


    • Managers and Senior Manager
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Employees seeking for immediate promotion and advancement in the workplace
    • Aspiring managers.

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    Bank name: Keystone bank.

    Leadership, Management and Innovation Training


     30th October, 6th Nov, 13th Nov, 20th Nov and 27th Nov  (5 Saturdays)

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