Leadership, Creativity and Peak Performance

The World Is Changing

Business Is Changing

People Are Changing

To operate successfully in the competitive environment of the 21st century, leaders must be responsive to the changing needs and demands of their customers and clients. They most deliver extraordinary levels of performance, which instigate a robust system of internal and external measures.

A leadership that is flexible and innovative has the ability to create and realize innovative solutions especially in the face of structurally complex or changing situations. It refers to those people who, when all is shifting and new approaches are yet unknown, can still create clarity of purpose for their teams. These are leaders who seek to navigate – and even benefit from – the unpredictability around them. Not just for the organization or themselves, but usually also for society at large and the ecology of the planet.

This course is designed to expose participants to the techniques needed for effective leadership and creativity skills.


  • Determine the best practices of leaders through history and how to apply them today.
  • Articulate an understanding of what leadership means for their businesses.
  • Identify their leadership capabilities and areas for personal development.
  • Determine their roles as effective leaders in organisations.
  • Develop strategies for creating positive work environment that will foster Good leadership.

Leadership, Creativity and Peak Performance


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