Enterprise Development Training

An interdisciplinary course designed to teach participants how to think and act entrepreneurial. If you would rather start your own business, after discovering that you are an aspiring business owner, with a good idea or a big ambition, this is where you come to get the advice, support and investment you need to develop ideas and turn these ideas into a business.

In 8 weeks, you will be supported and guided to get started with your own venture. You will become part of a network of entrepreneurs, coaches and business experts, who will help you one on one to make sure your ideas become successful businesses.

You will learn from these 4 pillars:

  • Start your Business
  • Grow your Business
  • Finance your Business
  • Business Setup & Legal

The course will build on cross-curricular academic skills, by integrating inquiry-based learning and business tools that will enable students to analyze, create, develop and pilot small businesses in a safe campus environment.

Enterprise Development Training


Poise Graduate Finishing Academy (PGFA)