Teens Making a Difference (TMAD)

‘’There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children’’ – Nelson Mandela.

Today in Nigeria, our children grow up to be what we make them to be and are highly influenced by what they see. Though the Nigerian environment does not make a perfect example to emulate, it is the immediate environment of these children, because it is where they develop to become the future of the nation. However, with the right coaching and added training to accept proper social behaviors, we can mold the children to be at their best and be better citizens of the country.

It is in this regard that Poise Nigeria has developed a structure by which the orientation of our children can be sharpened by teaching them social and moral etiquette, decency and behaviour, values and ethics. The ‘TEENS MAKING A DIFFERENCE’ (TMAD) ANNUAL CAMP is a 7-days residential camping programme for teenagers, which aims to teach and imbibe in them the culture of social decency and soft skills while having fun.

The programme also aims to mold them into bright young individuals by exposing them to necessary traits needed to succeed in today’s world.The programme holds between July-August annually; registration starts 1st of January every year. You would acquire further skills in; Design, Branding, Web development, Team work, Blogging, Planning and Motion, etc.

Teens Making a Difference (TMAD)


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