The Virtual Manager

The idea of forming a virtual is very appealing especially when one considers the benefits. It makes it easier for employees to manage their work and personal lives more flexibly and efficiently, and they also have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world, by so doing, they gain more experience. Companies can also make use of available low-cost global talents and reduce their expenditure.

However, creating and managing a proper virtual team is very tricky and demanding as most people consider face-to-face communication more productive than virtual communication. Most people get overwhelmed by the whole technology involved in running consistent virtual meetings.

Virtual managers, therefore, tend to face a lot of challenges like; bad communication, improper timing and even checkmating employees’ accountability. So how do you create and lead an effective virtual team in a world where the number of remote workers is increasing?

Managing virtual teams requires a different approach to everything. It means developing new skills and communication techniques. This course is designed to teach you how to do that effectively.


  • Build a virtual team chatter.
  • Set clear tasks in managing virtual teams.
  • Rally the team around the purpose of the work.
  • Generate ideas to make virtual meetings flow effectively.
  • Keep people accountable.
  • Discover the number one cause of conflict in teams.
  • Determine how the completion of task will be measured.

The Virtual Manager


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