Working From Home Effectively

Studies have shown that those who work remotely at least once a month are 24% more likely to be productive and 86% of people feel that working remotely reduces stress.

Coronavirus containment measures mean many companies will have to make the move to remote working, whether they like it or not.

Working from home, or remotely from the office, can seem ideal, but the reality is that it can be challenging from a professional and personal point of view. With the right training and consideration, businesses around the world can enjoy the very real benefits of a workforce who are able to work from home.


On completing this course, participants should:

  • Understand how to set up their office space so it works for them
  • Learn how to mimic your office routine
  • Understand how to reduce work from home distractions and focus on outcomes
  • Be able to use communication techniques and technology that can help
  • Learn and use tools to lead a successful remote team

Working From Home Effectively


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