Change is one constant thing, especially in this age and century, spreading like harmattan fire. These changes are mostly unexpected. That is why it poses many challenges to modern administrators because they have to absorb more workload and improve output quality. It becomes overwhelming if they do not get the proper training and skills needed. 

At Poise Nigeria, we are devoted to making individuals and organizations better by giving them the proper training and Power skills to succeed in their careers. As pioneers of Power skills training and brand development in Nigeria, we have stayed over 20 years in service, training the next generation of managers and directors and equipping them with the necessary power skills to stand a shoulder taller above their competitors. 

Administration and Office Management is not as easy as it appears. Because this position requires people with strong office management skills with business processes, equipment, documentation, and communication, managers and professional administrators need a wide range of power skills to run the office effectively. Often, these skills like the Achilles heel get neglected, resulting in ineffective office management.

With Poise’s power skills training, it becomes easier with excellent output.

Like the various training we offer as a training firm, this training will equip anyone with precise strategies and technical skills, increasing productivity and, of course, boosting efficiency to new levels.

At the end of the training, you will be able to;

  • Highlight the administrator challenges in the 21st century to be proactively ready for them.
  • Combine the efficiency and effectiveness concepts for higher productivity. 
  • Develop technical competencies to enable professional advancement. 
  • Use professional business writing techniques in internal and external communication. 

This two-day training won’t take up much of your time but will improve your administration and office management skills. It is strictly for those with the desire for success.