An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business, taking on financial risk in the hope of profit.

Entrepreneurship involves all activities and process in doing business.

Most successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common; they possess skills that help them progress; these are called entrepreneurial skills.

Skills such as creativity, ability to take risk, good work ethics and adaptability will help entrepreneurs to navigate through the technicalities of entrepreneurship.

These skills help develop potential to think creatively, innovate, develop proactivity, flexibility, autonomy, and the ability to manage and track a project and pursue tangible results

It is important to acquire the skills needed to succeed when involved in entrepreneurship. Having these skills contributes to understanding of businesses evolution which is necessary in the business world and some aspect in life as they combine a range of technical, management and personal skills

An entrepreneur should also be committed fully to improving on him/herself in furtherance of growing and managing sustainable businesses. At Poise Nigeria we understand that building entrepreneurial skills is key not just for business owners but for ambitious employees who understand that taking ownership of the company where they find themselves would do wonders for their career growth. To register for this course just click here