Advanced Business Writing


While the consequences of poor academic writing may be a few bad grades, the consequences of poor writing in business can cost you a lot more. Your business may actually lose sales and anticipated revenue as a result of poor written communication.

With the appropriate writing skills, employee performance will be high and vice visa. Therefore, participants in this course will be introduced to advanced writing skills they need to employ in order to perform better.

Executives use writing extensively in carrying out their functions. Identifying the documents produced and used, and the skills required, as well as proceeding to acquire and sharpen them enhance the quality of documents for effective business communication


  • Acquire accurate skills in advanced business writing, and master the skills in delivering impacting messages in a courteous, clear and concise manner.
  • Exercise higher degree of creativity in writing.
  • Design usable, clear, persuasive, accessible documents
  • Organise information using reader-based principles
  • Enhance your podium presence.
  • Learn to make powerful PowerPoint presentations.
  • Analyse the communication situation fully and accurately: needs, audiences and users.

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