Customer Service Excellence


Customer and end-user support takes place in person, on the phone, through email, texting, and chat. Regardless of the communications medium, the objective is always to have satisfied end-users.  When you equip your frontline staff with the skills to create a quality experience for your customers, you enhance customer satisfaction and your organization’s image. Today more than ever, excellent customer service is needed to retain customers. People are tired of spending hours on the phone with rude service providers only to find their problems unresolved. Customers want to know that Shell Nigeria will solve problems they may have with a product.

Within most organizations, there are some people who simply “get it”. They seem like they were born to provide outstanding customer service.  Participants will understand that customer centricity is putting the customer first, gaining customer satisfaction and loyalty which in today’s world has become critical. Dealing with emotional responses during interactions, is one aspect of communication that many people feel uncomfortable with. When high-level emotions enter into interactions, communications can breakdown. It is therefore important to learn skills to control our own emotions when faced with such situations, as well as learning how to deliver our message to people.

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