Communicating with Impact: 21st Century Perspective

Business Communication Skills gives you a clear insight into what constitutes effective oral and written business communication in a fast-paced global business environment and provides you with the opportunity to develop your own workplace communication skills.

This course is highly interactive and task-oriented. Case analyses, simulations, written assignments and individual and team presentations will allow you to practice the principles and key concepts introduced during the course. Peers and facilitators feedback will give you a picture of your present communications skills, and an indication of how you can enhance your performance.


  • Analyse audiences and define objectives to create and present messages in a professional manner.
  • Write coherent and convincing, reader-friendly business documents.
  • Craft clear, focused and engaging business presentations.
  • Demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication abilities through presentations.
  • Use social media to project a professional image.

Communicating with Impact: 21st Century Perspective


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