The Indispensable Executive Assistant


At very senior levels, the return on investment from a skilled assistant can be substantial.

As a highly regarded Executive PA, you will act as a life-organiser to the senior management and company directors, anticipating their needs and ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. So to help you stay one step ahead, our Executive PA course has been designed to give you a broad range of skills to help you stand out and effectively get the job done.

This program is designed for:

Senior administrators, office managers, executive assistants and supervisors of junior staff who already possess the essential administration skills and seek to move their career further up.

A top-notch assistant “is crucial to being productive.”


  • Shows how performing two easy tasks at the end of each day will save hours (and headaches) the next day.
  • Shows how the “80/20” rule will help identify your most important tasks.
  • Shows you how to organise your work area for improved efficiency.
  • Instils a willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zone in taking on new responsibilities.
  • Positions you to fill an informal leadership role, acquire an unparalleled ability to read complex settings, and recognize and respond to challenging people and circumstances.
  • Identify most common missteps an assistant makes, e.g. misreading the corporate culture, failing to build bridges with other assistants, failing to ask enough questions about tasks, agreeing to take on too much work, and speaking to external parties without authorization.

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