The Virtual Manager


What do you do when suddenly all your team is virtual?

The concept of virtual or remote teams is not a new phenomenon. However, advances in technology, globalisation, organisational structures and ways of working have meant that this approach has grown significantly over the last few years. People are now much more likely to work from home, from their car, at alternative locations, or even on the other side of the world, which means managers might rarely see them.

Managing virtual teams requires a different approach. It means developing new skills, communication methodologies and techniques to get the best out of teams and improve organisational and personal performance.


  • Build a virtual team chatter.
  • Set clear tasks in managing virtual teams.
  • Rally the team around the purpose of the work.
  • Generate ideas to make virtual meetings flow effectively.
  • Keep people accountable.
  • Discover the number one cause of conflict in teams.
  • Determine how the completion of task will be measured.

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