Business Networking and Relationship Building Skills

Course Overview 

The first step in learning how to network effectively is to stop thinking of it as networking. Networking is a cold way of saying what it really is – relationship building. When you build relationships the right way, you can grow profile and awareness of yourself or your company, find new opportunities and generate sales leads. In this workshop, learn when and how to network as well as modern best practices to find success.

Course Objectives

  • Modern tips and tricks for networking effectively.
  • Steps to take towards building your own strong network.nd mentally for an upcoming networking
  • Know how to approach people, introduce yourself and start a conversation with
  • Know how to keep a conversation going and bring it to an
  • Understand the importance of listening skills, body language and asking questions.
  • Know how to use and store business cards
  • Know how to follow up, maintain contact with and re-approach existing network
  • Understand how social media can help you to network successfully

Course Outline

  • Preparing to Network
  • Leveraging diverse network opportunities
  • Starting, Carrying and Ending a Conversation
  • Following Up Connections
  • Converting networking opportunities into meaningful relationships
  • Online Networking

Duration:  16 contact hours

Business Networking and Relationship Building Skills


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