Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health In Times Of Crises


The key to reaching the adult self lies in emotional intelligence. One way to avoid falling into survival mode is to name our emotions, as having them bottled up can lead us to explode negatively. Once feelings are expressed, it becomes easier to control our emotions and normalize them. That is, observing our feelings and naming them gives rise to the adult part, where we manage them rather than be handled by them. Another excellent way to cope with crisis is to try to stay calm and focus on what we can control. For example, stocking up without falling into panic purchases helps us feel more relaxed and in control.


  • Be able to use emotions to make constructive decisions.
  • Be able to manage stress and stay emotionally present.
  • Be able to manage emotions in healthy ways, take initiative and follow through on commitments.
  • Learn how to use humour and play to relieve stress.

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