Masterclass on Managerial Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills


All employers want employees to make good decisions and to contribute to solving problems in the workplace. This means developing critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is complex and involves a number of sub skills that need to be learned and refined over time. Individuals with strong critical thinking skills are a very valuable resource to teams and to businesses.

Course Objectives on Critical Thinking:

  • In this module you will explore what critical thinking is and is not
  • You will discuss the components, skills, and specific characteristics and qualities that critical thinkers demonstrate
  • You will also examine misconceptions and mental traps related to critical thinking
  • Critical thinking develops over time, and we will discuss the stages of critical thinking development.

Course Objectives on Problem Solving:

  • We will work through a problem-solving model, and you will learn about and practice the different steps and strategies within each stage.
  • We will discuss decision-making and fascinating new research on the impact of information overload on our abilities to make good decisions.
  • Guidelines for making good decisions will be presented as well.
  • You will also learn a number of decision-making strategies that provide structures for groups to use, when they are being asked for input, or offering suggestions for solving specific problems.

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