Front Desk And Professional Image Building

“I’m just going to sit there!” was how a 28-year-old lady explained her pending job as a front desk executive in an organisation she applied to.’’

While the above line will generate a smile from understanding adults, it would produce a grimace if it were uttered by one of your employees. Yet so often many employees feel the same as the 28-year-old lady, clueless about why they do what they do.

The front desk executive represents the public face of a business. They are often the first person a customer sees or the first voice she hears over the telephone. Because of this, it is important that front desk executives conduct themselves in a professional manner to give customers a good first impression.


  • To address the need of front line officers and equip them with tested skill and techniques proven to lower customer turnover, dissatisfaction, frustration and reduced stress on your team members.
  • To know how to efficiently manage situations when several telephone lines keep ringing.
  • To know how to handle several situations with poise, ease and professionalism.
  • Be able to represent your organisation through your appearance, attitude, business manners and communication skills.
  • Will be equipped with excellent skills to manage various types of customers.
  • Will learn to maintain your workspace to make it a reflection of your professional image.
  • Will be able to interpret customers’ different body language messages.

Front Desk And Professional Image Building


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